Indian arts have their roots very deep they were initiated around 5500 B.C. it was influenced by many other foreign artistical cultures which added more spice to the culture that was prevalent in the country. Their arts are classified according to the various styles followed in the various provinces. Each style has its own positive and negative features. According to the history and complexity of the picture chosen the rates will vary. In many families the historical paintings are considered as royal symbol that increases their prestige. In order to buy a customary Indian art the person has to decide the type of art that he is going to buy and also be aware of the style.

For example miniature art will be usually found in books, garments and album. True to its name, these are minute in nature. In case of the mogul paintings it will be a mix of Islamic, Indian and Persian styles. Tanjore paints are the classical paintings from the southern part of the nation. A Rajput painting depicts the nature, royal courts Hindu epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana. Hindu lords, their mythology and social events are described in Madhubani paintings also. A Mysore painting is another similar art form that is dedicated to Hindu mythology.

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