Oil painting is a style that can be mastered easily there is proper practice combined with interest. Over a period of time you can find a unique style in your painting. Identifiable styles are those which distinguish the artist’s style from the others. Usually many artists do not know that they have their own style until it is referred by some other viewer. This occurs due to the artists preferred choices and decisions made by them during the course of oil painting. It slowly becomes the identity of the artist and sets him apart from other artists.

In order to develop a style of your own one should never copy from others works. By doing so the limitations in the mind will be broken and choices can be made freely according to the artist’s style. These unique styles cannot be developed overnight, it happens automatically due to intentional and unintentional efforts of the artist. As a person gains his experience his knowledge and skills will also grow. But this does not mean that one has to follow the same style he should evolve and discover the other styles in him, so that he will also be known as a versatile artist.

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