The Indian art style has evolved right from 5500 B.C. The first pre historic painting in India was found in the state of Madhya Pradesh’s Bhimbetka Caves. Indian paintings have gone through various painting shifts like rock style, contemporary style, palm leaf painting, oil painting and glass painting. This style was also influenced by foreign styles such as Persian, Arabian and Roman. This developed the regional and cultural patterns in the nation. There were two main types of paintings in the country they are miniature paintings and murals. Murals were found in the walls of structures like temples, palaces and rocks. Some examples for such paintings are Sithannavasal, Ajanta caves and Ellora.

Miniature paintings were done in disposable materials like leaf, papers and cloths. The Bengalis were famous for this form of art. Major genres in which these paintings were based are listed here Mysore painting, Mugal painting, Tanjore painting, Rajput paintings, Modern Indian painting, Kalighat painting and Madhubani paintings. Each of this painting has its own specialty and uniqueness. These paintings are famous in particular states in the country hence the people in the respective states are well versed in those styles of art which made the state popular.

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