Every person will have an own style of creating an art. In order to find the unique art style hidden in a person the following steps shall be followed. The initial step would be to find your category of art in which you are interested. You can find it easily by remembering the picture that you often draw as a child. It may be a flower, human faces, animals, natural scenes or vehicles. Do trials with different materials and different styles and find which is comfortable for you. There are various materials to choose like water colours, oil paints, crayons and pencil shading.

Do a lot of research about the technique you have chosen, gather information about it and try to own the method. You can take any famous painting as your motivation and try to do a similar piece in your own style. Find a good mentor who has a wide knowledge about the style of painting you have chosen so that he can enlighten you with the basic ideas in the form on which you can build. Change is something that never changes hence it is important you grow in the style you has chosen. Creativity should not be lost over time instead it should be developed.

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