In order to fill the blank spaces in the walls photographs and paintings will be the best choice to make. There are many collections in the art that will suit your theme and expectation. Latest trend followed in interior decoration is using modern art to fill up the blank areas. Technological developments have improved the quality and variety of modern art. Handmade pieces are costlier when compared with the other works. Giclees is a form of modern art created using the digital printers. These works will be a bit cheap when compared to the previous ones.

Here also the personal taste should be considered before selection. Even though there may be certain works that are popular it might not attract you. Your selection may be based on the subject or selection of artist. Quality is another important factor that has to be noted by the buyer as art works should serve a long time in the house. Materials used in the art will also contribute while deciding the quality and cost of the product. Make sure that the piece is original as there is lot of fakes available in the markets in recent days. It is not checked properly at the time of buying then it will lead to regret.

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