Everybody would love a fresh start this coming summer of 2016. People from all over the world are preparing for their itineraries for this summers vacation. Going to the beach, having a picnic in the park, watching movies, strolling at zoos, hiking mountains among others are all so cliché! How about doing something entirely different this year? How about having a serene and mentally stimulating trip this time? How about going to an art gallery?

If you are someone who loves and appreciates works of art like sculptures and paintings, or if you are a huge fan of historical greats like Francis Bacon, then going to one of the best art galleries in the world may entice you.

Tate Britain Art Gallery in London is open daily and is free to all. That is why visiting such a marvelous place can be done any time in this year’s calendar. Even if you’re not a very artistic person, just seeing the romantic and historical façade of the Tate Britain Art Gallery will absolutely arouse your inner interest, especially once you start discovering the works of many great people from the past up to the present time. This place is literally a time machine that will take you to different places and time periods!

Instead of strolling through the park, why not stroll through the Tate Britain Art Gallery? The great walls of this art gallery are all filled with collections of Elizabethan works, British art, Constable and Blake’s works, Pre-Raphaelites’ and many others that not only feature past works, but the best modern art as well. It is a guarantee that being inside Tate Britain Art Gallery will stimulate your aesthetic sense and cultural interest as you become acquainted with the different artists who are behind these eye-catching works of art.

You will probably complain about getting tired out of walking and looking at almost seventy-thousand different works of art and going up and down its spiral staircase for so long. Well, there is nothing to worry about! Tate Britain Art Gallery has a café and bar located in the circular balcony and Rex Whistler restaurant on the lower floor. Considering all of the above-mentioned descriptions of the art gallery, it is no surprise that Tate Britain Art Gallery made it to the short list of finalists for Museum of the Year 2014.

If doing something different this year is what you plan to do, then including this in your list of places to visit is a great move. With no entrance fee, there already is a lot to learn and discover. London in itself is already a great and wonderful place to be in with all its picture-perfect sceneries, but going to the Tate Britain Art Gallery is a huge catch and will definitely contribute to your most memorable experiences.

How about marking the best day on your calendar now and invite your friends and family to come and marvel at the wonders of the innumerable works of art in Tate Britain Art Gallery?