Folk arts have a special attraction factor they even have effects on the mood of the person watching the picture. If there is a sad theme in the painting then it may affect the mood of the person watching it. Similarly if the painting has some pleasant and natural pictures then it will reflect the same on the person viewing it. There is a painting First Trolley To Van Nuys that describes a centre of the town with lot of people in it. It shows the town’s market place, Ice cream parlor, laundries and hotels in bold and vibrant colours. It brings the scenario to life. It gives a feeling that the person who is viewing the art is in the town among the crowd.

The start of folk art also dates way back. These paints are considered as treasures and they shall be used for interior decorations, gifts and token of remembrance to any person who is interested in the arts. Like the other styles of paintings their rate will also be fixed according to its history, size, quality and finishing perfection. These paintings are more lively and hence they more precious possessions. These are available in retail shops and also in online websites for sale with proper research one can get these arts easily.

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