Digital painting is a new form of western painting and acts as a mix of tradition and modern ideas. It is done using water colours, sketches, oils and finally completed using the computer tools. Traditional methods such as charcoal effects, oils, water colours, air brushings and pastels can be done using the computer. Usually these works will be done using softwares like ArtRage, Corel Painter, and Adobe Photoshop where there is flexibility for the artist as he can even choose the size of brushes. They also provide us with variety of options such as numerous pallets, colours, other painting tools and brushes.

This style avoids creating a mess of colours inside the studio. Any mistakes done shall be corrected without creating major changes in the painting as editing option is available. Another advantage here is that they can be printed on paper whenever required and uploaded in any computer according to the requirement. It should be handled with patience and needs a great deal of attention so that a beautiful creation shall be ensured. It is one of the recently evolved techniques hence is waiting for many artists to evolve in this style. The pros and cons of this style when compared to the traditional method are nearly equal.

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