Arts can be sold both in retail and wholesale. A retail sale includes sales that are done in open studios, art galleries and in private orders. Art exhibitions are another option where the painting will be displayed and sold as in art galleries. The main difference between art galleries and exhibitions is that galleries will have many kinds of paintings displayed in it but in case of the exhibitions a particular type of art will be concentrated. You can get even very fine details about the art in the exhibitions. The factors that have to be kept in mind while selecting art are style, size, and art considerations. For a refined search of a particular painting you may take the help from a professional who has proper idea about these things.

Certain popular works have to be made over and over in such cases multiple pieces will be created in the studio and sold as whole sale product. This process is more profitable as it is cost effective. Repeat sales of a particular painting leads to recreation of it. Sales representatives can also be used in these cases as they help in getting more orders and also in delivery. They will make contacts with large stores and even retailers who place regular orders. They get nearly 20% of the amount raised during the sales as their commission. They help in growing the business in leaps and bounds. Having regular customers and repeated sales to them make more profit and allows a successful business.

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